Mobile marketing solutions

As an Internet Marketing Consultant, you’re under no illusions of the power and potential of mobile marketing. It’s not something you, your clients or anyone else can ignore anymore. Everyone’s got smartphones, tablets and iPads – and you need to include this into your online marketing services in order to give your clients the solutions they need.

We offer a number of mobile solutions, including the following:

  • Mobile website design: What does your client’s website look like on your mobile’s screen? Can you see your tabs, find your contact information and get the info you need with ease? If not, you need us to help you make some tweaks
  • Content for mobile devices: We can help create content for mobile devices, such as iPad’s, phones and tablets
  • Mobile advertising: Being an Internet Marketing Consultant doesn’t mean you have to be a tech fundi (or be an expert in every single type of digital marketing). If you need a team of people who can help strategize, create and implement a mobile advertising strategy, Unbit Solutions are the people you need to partner with
  • SMS and MMS marketing: There are very smart ways in which SMS (text) messaging and MMS (multi-media) messaging can be incorporated into your digital strategy. If you’re not selling these solutions to your clients, someone else will

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for mobile marketing, but there are many leading organizations that not only incorporate mobile marketing into their digital strategies – but almost completely rely on it for business. Location-based mobile applications, such as Foursquare, have been a game changer in our industry, which is why you need to start moving forward with your mobile marketing strategies.

Find out how to set up, sell and implement the most impressive mobile strategy for your clients by contacting us to find out more about our mobile marketing solutions.