Competitor analysis for digital marketing consultants

As a digital marketing consultant, you basically need to know and understand each aspect of your clients’ businesses. This is easier said than done. Generally, you’ll be working with people who either started the company, have worked in the field for decades and have unique insights about their industry (stuff you can’t pick up by doing a bit of quick research on Google).

At Unibit Solutions, we offer a competitor analysis in order to give you the industry insights you need to close more deals and add value to your client’s businesses. Not only will this impress your clients in a way that your competition can’t, but it also gives you the information you need to form a workable and sellable client strategy

Here’s some of the information we will provide you with when you partner with us for a competitor analysis:

  • How are your client’s competitors marketing themselves? We use a variety of online tools, some proprietary, to investigate how your client’s competitors achieve their success.  Learn the organic keywords that competitors are targeting and the rankings they are achieving
  • How much are your client’s competitors spending online? Our team will determine how much your client’s competitors are spending on their digital marketing campaigns to provide you a baseline entry point. Identify their paid search strategies, keywords, ads and landing pages so that you can determine their estimated monthly online marketing budgets
  • What strategies are they using? You need to know which platforms, tools and strategies your client’s competitors are using. Our competitor analysis will give you this information. Identify their email marketing campaigns, which of them are using social media marketing and more

Don’t go into your next meeting without the information you need. Get the inside info about your client’s industry and competitors by giving them the information they probably don’t know themselves. Update your marketing plan so that you have a winning proposal by contacting us for a competitor analysis.